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“I met Ali because she was the Buyer's Agent assigned to a property I saw on Zillow. She responded promptly to my inquiry, and we scheduled a showing for the very next day. She was already there when I arrived and proved to always be punctual. Right away, I liked her. I was not required to work with her, but I chose to.
She paid attention to my likes and dislikes, and when that wasn't the right property for me, she took an active interest in helping me find what I was looking for by sending me listings that she thought I might like. Some I did, some I didn't, and I gave her feedback, and then we found it. She advised me what to offer, and my offer was accepted! She was also a fantastic negotiator -- my "pitbull" in getting my requests met by the seller. She was everything I needed as a "softie."
This will be a transition home for me, and when I'm ready to buy my dream home, I will be calling her -- and if I decide to keep my new current home as a rental property, she can help me find renters too!
I am pleased to recommend her. I give her 5 out of 5 stars in every category.”

Glastonbury, Connecticut

“Alison helped us rent a home. She was extremely accommodating, honest, helpful and kind. She understood our unique situation and adapted to meet our needs. I highly recommend Alison for any of your selling or renting needs. You won’t be disappointed.”

Wilton, Connecticut