A little about me

and my passion for real estate

In 2017, following a 20+ year career in the event planning industry, owning a million-dollar business, renting properties, and flipping houses (hi, Jill of all trades here!), I decided to pursue a full-time career in an industry that would allow for the blending of these interests. These experiences have made me into somewhat of a "MacGyver" with an ability to really envision possibilities. Real estate is a culimination of critical thinking, analysis, research, relationships, and a bit of imagination. I knew from the moment that I started to pursue the life of an agent, this was the space for me. 

I grew up in Vermont but after 21 years in the beautiful state of Connecticut, I consider this to be home. I am a mom of three (almost) adult boys, a pup, a cat who thinks he is a dog, and a fiance to a great guy. When I am not researching the market or scoping out the latest listing, I can be found boating, attending an occasional spin class, or enjoying some live music.